The Potential Health Benefits of Argan Oil...

Argan oil has the potential to produce health benefits for your health and the health of your skin. Investigations show that it treats minor burns, inflammation, and dry skin. A study in 2017 that implied inflammatory pain and swelling improved with the use of argan oil.

About Argan Oil

Argan oil has its beginnings in Morocco. It has been used for centuries in foods. People have also used it to deal with many health issues. It occurs naturally when kernels are cold-pressed from an argan tree. You do not need a prescription for argan oil. It is found in most pharmacies or drugstores over the counter. It can be found as an ingredient in cosmetics and is used to treat many skin conditions such as dry skin, dermatitis, sunburn, and eczema.

Other Argan Oil Benefits

  • Dry Skin - Argan oil and argan butter improves skin hydration for postmenopausal women.
  • Minor Burns - Applying argan oil might cause inflammation to decrease and the skin to heal. A study on rats with second-degree burns from 2016 discovered that applying argan oil helped those burns to heal. 
  • UV Protection - Argan oil can also provide UV protection to help avoid sunburn.
  • Atopic Dermatitis - Argan contains a lot of vitamin E and vitamin E supplements are shown to help those with atopic dermatitis to correct their symptoms.
  • Aging -  Argan oil may also help decrease the signs of aging when taken orally. Two studies from 2018 show that the signs of aging such as the elasticity of skin and wrinkles can be improved with oral argan oil.
  • Stretch Marks - The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) suggests to massage argan oil into stretch marks when they first appear.
  • Acne - Argan oil is non-comedogenic and works on oily skin to balance sebum production and on dry skin to promote hydration. Argan oil can also decrease inflammation and fade acne scars and dark spots. 



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