Emotional Self Care - 4 Types of Self Care That Can Increase Your Quality of Life...

Self care is a really popular topic of conversation and a lot of people tend to over complicate it. Or they have big misconceptions of what self care is and how it’s supposed to be. The dictionary describes self care as: the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well being and happiness, especially during times of stress. Never think of self care as being selfish.

Self Care Is a Vital Part of Your Happiness and Wellbeing

We all want to be happy. What does it mean to be happy for you? Everyone has their own idea of happiness.Most of us feel happiness is a state of well being, contentment and gratitude. Happiness can seem elusive sometimes, especially during hard times. But there’s a surprisingly accessible pathway to contentment, joy and positivity: gratitude. Studies demonstrate gratitude is associated with all kinds of goodies like life satisfaction, health, wellbeing and happiness.

You Need Some Beneficial Stress

Eustress is a positive form of stress having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, performance, and emotional well-being. Eustress means beneficial stress—either psychological, physical (e.g., exercise), or biochemical/radiological (hormesis). For instance... if you are in a situation where you feel stressed but you feel like you can handle it, despite feeling challenged; it makes you have positive thoughts about life and yourself. The term was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye, consisting of the Greek prefix eu- meaning "good", and stress, literally meaning "good stress". It is the positive cognitive response to stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfillment or other positive feelings. We need to have some stress to improve our lives, but also employ stress-management techniques to prevent stress from being harmful.

Find Time For Yourself 

Self care is essential for people these days but finding the time for daily self care can be quite difficult. However if you don’t take the time to find ways to self care, you end up running yourself into the ground, overcome with exhaustion, anxiety, and just not pleasant to be around. Basic self care needs you to create time for rest, relaxation, and recovery. This need exists and cannot be ignored, no matter how busy you are you need to find some me-time.

Engage In Activities That You Enjoy

Since hobbies are leisure activities, a lot of people discard hobbies as a luxury they can't afford. It turns out that a hobby is more than just a way to have fun. Picking up a hobby has lots of benefits, it can give you a sense of self -efficacy. Hobbies themselves do not make you creative, but having a creative hobby will help you explore and develop your creativity. Creative hobbies bring balance back into your life.

How To Improve Yourself With Journaling?

When you track your habits in a journal and focus on self care you will have greater productivity, improved health, self esteem and well being. Emotional self care is just as important as the other types of self care. In fact, they typically go hand-in-hand… because if you’re happy with yourself and where you are in life, you’ll be less likely to sabotage your body with laziness, harmful substances and overindulgence.

Journaling is about self-exploration so there is no wrong answer. Just write whatever pops into your head. Ask questions about why you had that thought in your head. Keep asking questions and go deeper and deeper. That is all there is to it. Unwrapping the layers through writhing. You can use journaling to make a list of upcoming things you want to accomplish. The benefits are the improvement of your mental and emotional health.

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